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Foreign trade of Siberia

Nowadays not only countries are participating in improving of economic links but also some segments of national economics. These segments are the regions capable to affect the international links. One of such regions is Siberia.

At present, Siberia is strategically important not only for Russia developing but it is also important for some countries that are partners with Siberia. That’s why the Russian Federation government should pay more attention to such region like Siberia, because Siberia can perform on the world market.

The necessity for developing foreign trade is explained by the fact that today’s conditions allow us to speed up economic growth and to slow down economic recession. That’s why Siberia is one of the prior regions that should be taken into account by Russian government.

Siberia has multiple resources and some of them are unique. It is important to develop the industrial potential of Siberia which is one of the most prospective in economic growth of Russia.

To understand the tendencies of foreign trade it is important to analyze the present situation of import-export operations. And the situation is constantly changing: there appear new seller’s markets while some connections with former partners are lost.

So, as there is a power re-distribution on the world –market, then Russia should find its niche in the world conglomeration.

If we consider the directions of further developing of Siberia, we can divide it according to geography, that is, according to geographical directions.

The first direction is the northern one, meaning the transport outlet that connects railway, river and ocean large-scale transportation along the Northern sea way to Scandinavia and to the countries of Asian and The Pacific basin region.

The second direction is the east, meaning active including of Siberia in power supply sources market; it is also important to strengthen the investment cooperation and trade development.

The third direction is the south that is meant to intensify economic and political cooperation with the countries of Middle Asia and Kazakhstan.

And finally, the fourth one is the west, which is still the most currency- giving for Siberia. There is also the necessity for forming new economic links with CIS countries (Commonwealth of Independent States) and Baltic.

To help Russia to realize all its projects there might be participation in such associations as: The Pacific Basin Economic Council (PBEC), Council for Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), or (ASEAN) Free Trade Area (AFTA), or The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and The East Asian Economic Caucus EAEC. So, as Siberia and The Far East are going to be the main partners of interaction from Russian side, it is important to take into account the specific character of these regions.

Foreign trade of Siberia has some unsettled problems which should be settled as soon as possible. It is necessary to reconsider the government attitude to Siberia. Because without the governmental support this would be impossible for the region to be competitive enough on the world market.

The Government should pay as much attention as possible to the region because Siberia is strategically important. It has huge potential and, if used effectively, this region can not only raise the world respect for Russia but it can also raise the level of economic growth of the Russian Federation up to the level the developed countries have.

That is why there is necessity for developing of the foreign trade of Siberia. Strong Siberia – strong Russia.

А. Быкова